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Pharma Packaging Innovations
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Packaging Materials

Bilcare Research offers a complete range of high-quality packaging films. Our production standards are the highest in the business, with every film meeting complex pharmaceutical specifications.

The pharmaceutical industry has had a limited choice in blister packaging films. These are either very low-moisture barrier films, or expensive high barrier films. Since, pharmaceutical products have wide moisture protection requirements; this creates a significant gap in the barrier requirement of the drug vs. availability in the conventional films graph. This leads to either over packaging for quality or under packaging for saving costs and rarely achieves optimum packaging. Also, since pharmaceutical packaging needs depend on environmental factors to ensure product stability, efficacy and safety, optimum packaging based on product requirements is the best way to ensure protection.

For this imperative, Bilcare Research has introduced a broad variety of films, so customers can now choose the most cost-effective packaging without compromising on protection requirements.

Backed by extensive R&D, Bilcare Research has developed and introduced smart blister packaging materials with anti-counterfeiting and product authentication features using its NonClonable Authentication technology.

Bilcare Research offers the following materials for Blister Packing:

  • Pharma-grade Barrier films - Bilcare Extra (PVC), Bilcare Duplex(PVC/PVdC), Bilcare Triplex (PVC/PE/PVdC), Bilcare Exel (PVC/PE).
  • Pharma-grade Cold-forming Foil - Bilcare Venus (PVC/Alu/OPA).
  • Pharma-grade Aluminium Lidding foils - Bilcare Zeon, Bilcare Zeon+, Bilcare Zeon xt.
  • Innovative products to create a brand identity with anti-counterfeiting features - Bilcare Patina, Bilcare Ultra, Bilcare Ultra TX, Bilcare Protect, Bilcare Secure.
  • Ultra-high Barrier Film - Bilcare Zymax TX.
  • Eco-friendly Halogen-free Films - Bilcare Optra, Bilcare Astra, Bilcare Petra, Bilcare Topas.
  • Eco-friendly Lidding Foils - Bilcare Nova, Bilcare SilNova, Bilcare MetNova.
  • Bilcare CR Lidding Foils - Bilcare Crispak of various structures.
  • Flexible Laminates - Bilcare Lamiflex of various structures of paper, aluminium and polymer
    film combinations.

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