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Bilcare Foundation

Bilcare Research manages and implements its CSR programs through the Bilcare Foundation, which was established with the objective of centrally administering all CSR initiatives and ensuring dedicated resources for the purpose. The foundation has its own office, full-time staff and necessary infrastructure required to implement the programs on a continuous basis. Additionally, it is actively supported by our associates, senior management, their families and other volunteers.

Bilcare Foundation is active in all geographies the company operates in, i.e. U.S., Europe, Singapore and India. The Indian chapter is the oldest while the others are new and are working towards creating locally relevant welfare and education programs. Bilcare Foundation is not
an add-on but an integral part of our business strategy, which is centered on creating value
for people.

Project "Window to the World"

'Window to the World' is Bilcare Foundation's educational initiative aimed at opening the world of possibilities for underprivileged children. Children from the less fortunate sections of society often have limited exposure to the world beyond their school, family or local area. The project was launched by internationally acclaimed scientist and former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, whose fondness for children and passion for inspiring them is well known.

The project is currently being implemented at Rajgurunagar, a village 10 k.m away from Bilcare's Pune manufacturing plant. Bilcare Foundation has tied up with ten local schools to provide guidance and educational resources to students in the 7-14 age group for expanding vision and knowledge.

We believe in the philosophy of ‘education outside the classroom’ and conduct the following activities in our development programs:

  • Health and sports camps wherein we promote Karate and local games
  • Training on certain asanas including Vajrasan and Pranayam, that improve memory, blood circulation and stimulate quicker rejuvenation of the body
  • Advanced yoga course in Siddha Samadhi for instilling confidence, developing leadership and promoting overall personality
  • Communication tools including stage readings, audiovisual tools, and mobile book library tours
  • Conducting science fairs to assist students in learning through the use of practical tools rather than just classroom theories.

The program's core objective is to become a facilitator and mentor to these young minds - to help them understand the world outside and instill in them a power to seek and achieve.


The Foundation believes that the youth of today are the future of the progressive world of tomorrow & nurturing them would be a positive contribution to the society.


Bilcare Foundation

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