Sep, 2014
AIT inks partnership with Bilcare nonClonableID™ Technology


Apr, 2014
Bilcare Research has been awarded the National In tellectual Property Award 2014 by Government of India


Feb, 2014
Poker gaming to benefit from Non-ClonableID Tech


Aug 14, 2013
Corporate Update


May 29, 2013
Corporate Update


May 15, 2013
Corporate Update


September 18, 2012
Bilcare Solutions - 50 years of competence in films


August 20, 2012
Bilcare signed a definitive agreement with United Drug plc, a € 1.7 billion revenue leading international provider of healthcare services.


November 29, 2011
Bilcare Solutions launches new laminating line in Botzingen, Germany


November 01, 2011
Bilcare Research AG announces appointment of new CEO


October 11, 2011
Counterfeit drugs targeted by technology in India


June 29, 2011
Beltron Telecom signs Letter of Intent with Bilcare


June 09, 2011
Bilcare Solutions starts up PET-extruder at the site in Staufen


February 01, 2011
Bilcare to provide foolproof high secure tickets for Bryan Adams Concert


February 01, 2011
'Smart' cards for Bryan' Adams show


December 02, 2010
Bilcare Tech to help Delhi cops plan better


December 02, 2010
Bilcare supplies ID solution to Delhi Police


December 02, 2010
Unique ID cards for city cops to check imposters


November 30, 2010
Bilcare wins over Delhi Police with hit pilot project at CWG


November 30, 2010
Bilcare develops technology for ID cards


November 29, 2010
INEOS Films becomes Bilcare Research as of 1st December 2010


November 27, 2010
Non-cloneable IDs for Delhi Police


November 02, 2010
Bilcare reports 77% increase in turnover